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After the recent rash of natural disasters, people all over the United States have been struggling to get back on their feet and rebuild their businesses. Many of these business owners ran their businesses from home, but found out the hard way that they weren't adequately covered for their losses. READ MORE >>

If you're asking yourself this question, you’re not alone.  Many drivers often skip out on making claims to their Manteno auto insurance because they are unsure about what happens if they make too many.  Making claims on your auto insurance not only increases your premium, but you could also find yourself without any coverage at all. READ MORE >>

Sometimes a house is more than a home. Sometimes it is part of a town's heritage. Historical homes are points of pride to both the owner and the community. As such, insuring historical properties presents several challenges. The Insurance Journal estimates that most landmark historic homes are under-insured because the appraiser lacked the needed knowledge and experience. READ MORE >>

Driving without proper Manteno auto insurance is both illegal and dangerous. That's why people usually insure their cars immediately after buying them. However in some cases, getting annual insurance might seem unreasonable. READ MORE >>

When creating Kankakee home insurance policies, underwriters generally try to meet the needs of the broadest market possible. Thus, the basic home insurance policy is a boilerplate whereby more specific parts can be added as required. For example, most people do not conduct business from home and that would have to be added if required. READ MORE >>

Premiums for business insurance are largely affected by the type of business, the number of workers employed, and the risks associated with the business. However, a business owner can reduce this amount through effectual analysis and subsequent changes of some crucial business aspects. READ MORE >>

Life insurance makes life much easier for your loved ones, once they don’t have you anymore to depend on. However, if you don’t design your policy properly you could end up making it harder on your would-be beneficiaries. READ MORE >>

Gender is usually a factor when it comes to pricing insurance, but it doesn’t matter in regards to issuing a policy. But there’s still the question of why women have the tendency to be less insured than men in a variety of insurance types. It isn’t hard to remedy this. READ MORE >>

Generally speaking, all insurance is intangible. No matter the type, whether it’s auto, home, flood, or life insurance; you can’t touch, see, or feel it. Going into a situation, you don’t even know insurance is present unless you’re told so. READ MORE >>

Being a business owner is a lot like being a professional athlete in a competitive sport. Not only do you need to do that thing you do—and do it well, but you must also pay attention to everything going on around you and look out for would-be issues before they arise. READ MORE >>

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